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NovoCard™ is a new app made exclusively for iPad. With NovoCard, you create “stacks”—each comprised of an unlimited number of cards on one or more backgrounds. Add your own objects (buttons, fields, pictures) to cards and backgrounds. Fields are searchable, so every stack becomes a mini custom database. Share your stacks with friends via email and Dropbox.

"NovoCard captures the simplicity of HyperCard and the joy of making your own apps almost as fast as you can imagine them - right on the iPad!" - J.C. review of version 1.0

When events occur, NovoCard automatically sends messages to relevant objects. With NovoScript™, a superset of JavaScript®, your objects can respond to these messages. For example, a button’s script could be:

  on touchUp


  end touchUp

... so when the button is tapped and released, the next card in the stack will be displayed.

NovoCard is available now on the App Store!

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