Database Setup



When you touch a database in the list, a list of requests is displayed. You may change the title of the request list here.

You may optionally divide requests into up to three segments. If you enter a title here, a segmented control will appear at the bottom of the request list. Requests may be added to each segment.

TouchMyData will solicit credentials when required. You can optionally provide a credential here to be used for this database, overriding the server credential (if there is one). Important: If the Guest account is enabled and 'Access via XML Web Publishing' is checked in its privilege set, it will always be used. You must disable the Guest account to enable authentication from TouchMyData.

Important: Very large values lists will negatively impact performance. Before enabling this feature, please ensure that your target layouts do not include large value lists. After enabling, existing requests must be edited at least once to recognize value lists.

If you enable scripts, additional fields appear with the request definition allowing you to run scripts at specific points during the execution of the request. Be advised, if the user account is so authorized, a single FileMaker script step can delete all records! Use with care.