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CloudBase is a thin client for Amazon SimpleDB™, a component of Amazon Web Services™ (AWS™). CloudBase provides a quick and easy way to create a simple multi-user database without maintaining a server. To use CloudBase you must have an AWS account.

CloudBase allows you to create and delete SimpleDB domains as required. A domain is similar to a database table. You may define attribute names for the items to be stored in a domain and the order in which an item's attributes are displayed. SimpleDB lets you search a domain with simple SQL-like query expressions. With CloudBase, you can save several pre-defined queries with your domain and submit them as needed. You can also submit an ad hoc query at any time. CloudBase maintains a default query in addition to user-defined custom queries. You can change the default query sort order without learning the SimpleDB query language.

CloudBase allows you to create, edit, and delete items. Each item (similar to a database record) is identified by a unique key or item name. You can optionally let CloudBase generate unique item names for new items.

SimpleDB attribute values are limited to 1024 bytes in size. CloudBase has the ability to store larger values by the use of "extended attributes".

You may tell CloudBase to cache item data on your device. CloudBase will retain all items downloaded with the last execution of each query. This is useful if you need temporary read-only access to your data from a location with no Internet access.

You can email an item. In addition to the item's text values, the message will contain an XML attachment that may be imported. Follow this XML format if you want to create a document elsewhere and import items into your domain(s). Simply email the XML document to yourself and "Open in CloudBase" on your device.

CloudBase is a powerful tool and can be used to query existing large SimpleDB domains. Caution: if you delete a domain with CloudBase, you will delete all items stored in that domain! Be careful with your valuable data!

FYI, Amazon provides a Free Usage Tier that includes a certain amount of monthly SimpleDB usage indefinitely. If your monthly usage is low, it is possible that you will never be charged. Even so, the rates are quite reasonable.